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Results from HQ for September 2014

Greetings warriors! Feisty humans and courageous friends ....

Yes I know .. a bit OTT but once in a while this pacifist penguin has to shout his admiration for your great feats of mental wizardry and knowledge. Not only does a warrior have to be brave to fight this ongoing war ... it calls for phenomenal quiz skills. And I am proud! Looking in the Worldwide Statistics I see my human heroes have the highest average score.
For you are all truly Great.

But how did the eternal UK & Commonwealth Versus USA war, now on it's 8th Tour of Duty, go in September?

The Challenge
The USA fielded 23 brave troopers who snatched 6936 points = 47%.
The UK & Co sent 18 warriors into the fray and grabbed 7808 points = 53% of the spoils of war.
The UK & Co won the Challenge Battle by a margin of 6% ...with jules44 leading her army to victory ... and suep valiantly leading the USA's unsuccessful defence.
But what a fight! My American friends will never surrender and will never bend the knee no matter how many times they get pummelled flat into the war-torn trenches.

I excitedly pan my telescope around the other smoking battlefield where mighty players grapple with increasingly tough questions ... which is where I figure the truly wondrous and fearless warriors fight for their country.
The Survivor
The USA sent in 13 braves , snatched 3227 scalps to nail to their totem poles .. = 46.2%
The UK & Co sent in 18 stalwart troops who kept their hair, grabbed 3758 scalps = 53.8%
The UK & Co won the September Survivor battle by a 6.8% margin.

Two battles =  one monthly war!
The final stats from war HQ.
The USA =  46.6%
The UK & Co = 53.4%
It's  another victory for the old Empire ... yes! The old Empire Strikes Back! Sorry, I couldn't resist that. But take heart my American buddies! You might be defeated but you are never subdued into submission. I am sure your day will come ... but nevertheless, a round of applause for the UK & Commonwealth for proving they are mighty conquerors, once again.

And now on a lighter note for no one takes this war seriously ... I shall jog over to the smorgasbord where nourishing nuts and baked ziti for nibbles are on offer.  Healthy and performance enhancing food, ... I like it!

Brave warriors ... let the new war commence!

New Invincibles September 2014

Valid until 1st November 2014

USA Invincibles
Fear them for they are great!
1# Suep
2# TimBentley
3# themonarch
4# DomiNeyTor
5# j2cp2
6# tikal700
7# postcards2go
8# cubswin2323
9# poppop4
10# JCSon1982

UK & Co Invincibles
Fear them for they are also great!
1# jules44
2# morelli
3# LauraMcC
4# Little Heaven
5# magijoh1
6# martin cube
7# lg549
8# Dr Gas
9# pc377
10# MarchHare007

Results from HQ for August 2014

Greetings human friends and patriotic warriors ...

The august war is over ... and spying with my trusty telescope I see the smorgasbord leftovers trampled and squashed in the muddied trenches. War is indeed a hungry business.
But which valiant army won? The fabulous USA? Or the fantastic UK & Commonwealth?

The Challenge
The fabulous USA fielded 23 troops, nabbed 8108 points = 47.3%
The fantastic UK & Co fielded 18 troops, snatched 9027 points = 52.7%
Well done to the UK & Co for bagging victory on the Challenge battle... led to glory by their super general jules44. .... bravely pursued by America's Suep.

But was it enough to seal my American buddies fate?

The Survivor
The USA sent 13 warriors into the fray, won 3425 pts = 43.5%
The UK & Co sent in 18 trusty troopers, grabbed 4458 pts = 56.5%

Two battles = one monthly war.
USA = 45.4%
UK & Co = 54.6%

Wow! Did you just feel the ground shake? Feel the tidal wave rolling in from the Atlantic as the cheers broke the sound barrier at Buckingham Palace? The woad wearers have done it again!

The August War was won by the UK & Co by a scary 9.2%!

America ... stand firm! But what can you do in the face of such superiority? Raid the smorgasbord goodies? Douse them with water pistols loaded with gin & tonic? What a shameful wicked thought from moi, the pacifist penguin referee, though muttered with a little gleam in my eye. So please no throwing matches and igniting any worthy warriors into fire brands. Besides, no one takes this war seriously and I do not advocate cruelty to humans, not one bit.

Still .. I have my splints and bandages ready for the next war has begun .... and shall now jog off to cheer for all of your from the sidelines, the safest place to be as battle commences yet again.

New Invincibles August 2014

Valid until 1st October 2014

USA Invincibles
1# suep
2# TimBentley
3# j2cp2
4# themonarch
5# DomiNeyTor
6# cubswin2323
7# tikal700
8# raffucci
9# mdurnanj
10# JCSon1982

UK & Co Invincibles
1# jules44
2# LauraMcC
3# morelli
4# magijoh1
5# Little_Heaven
6# martin_cube
7# lg549
8# Upstart3
9# Dr_Gas
10# MarchHare007

A Legend Is Born. Top Players 8th Tour of Duty July 2014 - June 2015

The Individual Hall of Flame
Every Month
The Top Players From Both Battles
Will Be Entered Into The Hall of Flame
Forever – Ad Infinitum

The UK & Co Versus USA Challenge August 2014
The Top 25 Toughies

 1. jules44#1 UK Challenge Champ
  2. suep#1 USA
3. TimBentley#2 USA
4. LauraMcC#2 UK
5. j2cp2#3 USA
6. morelli#3 UK
7. themonarch#4 USA 
8. magijoh1#4 UK
 9. DomiNeyTor#5 USA 
 10. Little_Heaven#5 UK
11. martin_cube#6 UK
12. lg549#7 UK
13. Upstart3#8 UK
14. cubswin2323#6 USA 
15. tikal700#7 USA
16. raffucci#8 USA
17. Dr_Gas#9 UK
18. mdurnanj#9 USA 
19. JCSon1982#10 USA
20. twosleepy USA
21. poppop4 USA
22. MarchHare007#10 UK
23. Qmel USA
24. pc377 UK
25. postcards2go USA

The Survivor August 2014

1. jules44#1 UK
2. tikal700#7 USA
3. suep#1 USA
4. martin_cube#6 UK
5. magijoh1#4 UK
6. morelli#3 UK
7. cubswin2323#6 USA
8. Maggie UK
9. Upstart3#8 USA
10. DomiNeyTor#5 USA

The UK & Co Versus USA July 2014

The Top 25 Toughies
1. jules44#1 UK Challenge Champ
2. suep#1 USA
3. morelli#2 UK
4. TimBentley#2 USA
5. lg549#3 UK
6. magijoh1#4 UK
7. j2cp2#3 USA
8. themonarch#4 USA
9. LauraMcC#5 UK
10. martin_cube#6 UK
11. Little_Heaven#7 UK
12. tikal700#5 USA
13. poppop4#6 USA
14. mdurnanj#7 USA
15. postcards2go#8 USA
16. cubswin2323#9 USA
17. DomiNeyTor#10 USA
18. pc377#8 UK
19. TriviaFan22 USA
20. Quiz_Beagle#9 UK
21. briarwoodrose#10 UK
22. Dr_Gas UK
23. MarchHare007 UK
24. Qmel USA
25. JCSon1982 USA

The Survivor July 2014
1. jules44#1 UK
2. magijoh1#4 UK
3. morelli#2 UK
4. suep#1 USA
5. tikal700#5 USA
6. Maggie UK
7. TimBentley#2 USA
8. lg549#3 UK
9. cubswin2323#9 USA
10. DomiNeyTor#10 USA

Results from HQ for July 2014

Greetings my human friends ..

Once again the ground shook as battle raged in the trenches.
Once again two armies fought for supremacy and this penguin scuttled amongst the wounded dispensing bandages and splints and pilfering tasty morsels from the smorgasbord.

So how did it go? I have the stats gripped in my flipper and this is what they say ...
The Challenge
The USA fielded 23 magnificent patriots, nabbed 8024 points = 51.8% of the spoils of war.
The UK & Co fielded 22 fabulous fighters who snatched 7486 points = 48.2%
The USA won the July Challenge! Well done my American buddies!

But this monthly war is fought over two battles ... and there is nothing fiercer and toughier than the Survivor.
Will the USA's lead be enough?

The Survivor
The USA fielded 14 troopers who sprinted through the trenches and snatched 3610 points = 46%.
The UK & Co sent in 21 supercharged hotfooted quizzers who won 4229 = 54%
The UK & Co won the July Survivor battle.

Please ... sit up straight and hold your breath in anticipation whilst I frantically and excitedly rattle my abacus! Isn't this fun!

The Final result .. both battles combined.
The USA = 48.9%
The UK & Co = 51.1%

The UK & Co won the July War .... but by a marginal 2.2% That was close!
Come on you smorgasbord chiefs ...martin cube and Qmel what are you spiking the nibbles with? It's working! Share your secret!
It's baked beans today so I'm betting the USA will rocket off to a flying start.
Let War Commence!

New Invincibles July 2014

Valid until 1st September 2014

USA Invincibles
Fear them for they are Great!
1# Suep
2# TimBentley
3# j2cp2
4# themonarch
5# tikal700
6# poppop4
7# mdurnanj
8# postcards2go
9# cubswin2323
10# DomiNeyTor

UK & Co Invincibles
1# jules44
2# morelli
3# lg549
4# magijoh1
5# LauraMcC
6# martin cube
7# Little Heaven
8# pc377
9# Quiz Beagle
10# briarwoodrose