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Results from HQ for June 2015

Greetings my human friends.
Enjoying summer I hope? I have ice packs tucked strategically in the pockets of my tuxedo to keep cool.

Well .. June's war was the last war of the 8th Tour of Duty. Many warriors and heroic quizzers have added to the fun and the not so deadly business of world domination. I salute you my friends! This penguin thanks you for playing and  making this one of the longest wars in living memory.

So how did June's war end? Who were the victors?

The Challenge
My American buddies fielded 18 fabulous troopers who grabbed 8203 points = 50.4% of the spoils of war.
My Old Empire friends (nothing to do with Darth Vader and his cohorts, more ancient than that) ... fielded 16 heroic warriors, snatched 8092 pts = 49.6%
The USA won the June Challenge battle!
Well done my friends ... have a glass of shandy on me!

The Survivor
Did our American heroes have enough of a lead or did the unconquerable woadwearers come charging back to claim victory? This is the stuff of nailbiting suspense .... on the more difficult battlefield as the questions get harder.
The USA fielded 11 players, won 2842 pts  = 44.9%
The Uk & Co fielded 16 who sprinted to glory by grabbing 3488 pts = 55.1%

And ... two battles, amalgamated, make for one war.
The USA = 47.7%
The UK & Co  = 52.3%
The UK & Co won the June War.

Whilst the USA won the Challenge ... the UK & Co won the Survivor .. and eventually ruled supreme.
What can I say? Can my American friends ever break the Uk & Co's strangehold? Or are they now unconquerable?

I'm going to wax nostalgic for a minor moment now. The first war was fought in July 2007, when the First Tour of Duty began. And it's still as exciting to this pacifist pengy now as it was then.
Come.. stand straight, walk tall, scroll that mouse fast, and more importantly get the answers right ..... and take pride in your country and wade into the fray for the newly begun 9th Tour of Duty.
By doing so .. you will become the stuff off legends.

And whilst playing the Survivor pile into the smorgasbord and indulge in some nibbles.  Buffalo wings for my American friends provided by Qmel ... which sounds ... different, but interesting. Or for something kinder to animals, or maybe not ... kangaroo steaks from martin cube.  Without a doubt this is performance enhancing food of the highest calibre.. we'll have no rubbish junk here.

And now , I shall grab my telescope and go do what penguins do best ... referee war!

New Invincibles June 2015

Valid until 1st August 2015

The USA Invincibles
Fear them for they are Great
1# suep
2# TimBentley
3# DomiNeyTor
4# j2cp2
5# themonarch
6# tikal700
7# JCSon1982
8# mdurnanj
9# postcards2go
10# poppop4

The UK & Co Invincibles
Fear them for they too are Great
1# jules44
2# LauraMcC
3# lg549
4# magijoh1
5# Little_Heaven
6# morelli
7# martin_cube
8# pc377
9# Upstart3
10# Dr_Gas

Results from HQ for May 2015

Greetings fellow planet Earth dwellers ...
and wonderful human warriors.

May's results are as follows;
The Challenge
The USA fielded 17 fantastic quizzers who snatched 9050 points = 51% of the spoils of war.
The UK & Co also sent in 17 wonderful troopers who grabbed ... 8676 pts = 49%
Whoopee! My American buddies won the Challenge battle ... swept to victory by a 2% margin.... showed the good old UK & Co that they are not beat! Well done my friends. Pengy raises a glass to you.

Will it be enough to win the war this month?
Next ....
The Survivor
The USA fielded 11 worthy warriors .. ... won  2755 pts = 40.3% of the goodies.
The UK & Co sent in 18 woadwearers who swept to victory with 4084 pts = 59.7%.
What an awesome victory!
But two battles make for one War.
USA = 45.7%
UK & Co = 54.3%

I'm still cheering for the USA Challenge win ... but, with regret, I wistfully cast aside the Stars & Stripes, to be folded and put back in mothballs, and shake out the Union Jack for the UK & Co.
Another Great win but be afraid, be very afraid ... because I have a Pengy premonition that the USA , like the phoenix , are rising from the ashes of the war torn battlefields.

New Invincibles May 2015

Valid until 1st July 2015

The USA Invincibles
Fear them for they are Great

1# suep
2# TimBentley
3# themonarch
4# j2cp2
5# DomiNeyTor
6# tikal700

7# mdurnanj
8# postcards2go
9# JCSon1982
10# poppop4

The UK & Co Invincibles
Fear them for they too are Great
1# jules44
2# LauraMcC
3# magijoh1
4# Little_Heaven
5# lg549

6# morelli
7# Dr_Gas
8# martin_cube
9# pc377
10# Upstart3

Results from HQ for April 2015

Hello fabulous warriors and quizzers extraordinaire!

Your resident pacifist pengy has finished abacus rattling and has the battle stats to hand (flipper) ... and is proud to announce the victors of the April war.

The Challenge
The USA army fielded 17 crack players who won 8382 pts = 48.8% of the spoils of war.
The UK & Co sent in 16 dynamo heroes and heroines who bagged 8814 pts = 51.2%.
The UK & Co won the April Challenge battle  .. but it was close! Less than 500 points ... and that is a piffling amount after a whole 30 days play. I'm cheering for you, my American buddies whose top General this month was TimBentley but it was not meant to be .. as jules44 reclaimed her crown in magnificent style and led the woadwearers to victory.

The Survivor
The USA sent in 10 players .. who grabbed 2778 pts = 41.2%
The UK & Co, who seriously outnumbered them, fielded 17 troopers who bagged 3950 = 58.8%

Two battles make for one glorious monthly war
Overall stats:
USA = 45%
UK & Co = 55%

The UK & Co won the April War. Again
And I'm now jogging off to cheer, incite war and generally foment rebellion and on my way I shall grab a nice piece of strawberry flan from martin cube and a Chicago hot dog from Qmel. Hmm .. as an advocate of Animal Rights I might have to eat that last one where no one can see me.

Heroic warriors ... let the new war commence!

New Invincibles April 2015

Valid until 1st June 2015

The USA Invincibles
Fear them for they are Great

1# TimBentley
2# Suep
3# DomiNeyTor
4# themonarch
5# j2cp2
6# tikal700
7# postcards2go
8# JCSon1982
9# poppop4
10# raffucci

The UK & C0 Invincibles
Fear them for they too are Great!
1# jules44
2# lg549
3# Little Heaven
4# magijoh1
5# morelli
6# Dr Gas
7# strum
8# LauraMcC
9# martin cube
10# pc377

Results from HQ for March 2015

Greetings warriors!

The March battles are complete ... the battle weary, after snatching tasty nibbles and performance enhancing nibbles from the smorgasbord can catch their second wind now whilst your friendly pacifist referee, the penguin ... number crunches and rattles my hi-tech abacus.
So which fabulous army won?

The Challenge
My American buddies fielded 21 crack troopers, valiantly won 7317 pts = 49.3%
My British & Commonwealth chums sent in 16 heroic warriors, who bravely won 7525 pts = 50.7% of the spoils of war.

Congratulations here to our Top American General, our new Challenge Champ who led the USA army .. and claims the throne but sadly, alas, could not defeat the mighty woadwearers.

The Survivor
The USA army fielded 12 worthy fighters who grabbed 2792 pts = 44.4%
The UK & Co met them with 16 merciless quizzers who bagged 3504 pts .. grabbing victory with 55.6%

But two battles make for one wickedly and ferociously fought monthly war
USA = 46.9%
UK & Co = 53.1%

Three cheers for the UK & Co  ....
now everyone gird their loins, pile into the smorgasbord for battle rations and let the new battle commence!