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Results from HQ for March 2014

Greetings human friends ....

This will be the shortest and fastest result from HQ in tournament history.
This Penguin is running late today!

The Challenge
The USA fielded 28 fabulous players , nabbed 8379 points = 47.1% of the spoils of war.
The UK & Co fielded 19 crack troops, nabbed 9410 points = 52.9% ... which means they snatched the bigger spoils of war.
The UK & Co won the March Challenge battle.

The Survivor
The USA fielded 18  worthy warriors and won 4620 pts = 46.4%
The UK & Co fielded 20 woad wearers, winning 5341 pts = 53.6%.
The UK & Co won the March Survivor battle.

Two battles make for one monthly war.
Together, the final result of the latest engagement is:
USA = 46.75%
UK & Co = 53.25%

Once again the Old Empire is victorious.
The UK & Co won.

New Invincibles March 2014

Valid until 1st May 2014

USA Invincibles
Fear them for they are great
1# RJ
2# suep
3# j2cp2
4# TimBentley

5# themonarch

6# DomiNeyTor
7# cubswin2323
8# mdurnanj
9# twosleepy
10# tikal700

UK & Co Invincibles
Fear them for they are great!
1# jules44
2# morelli
3# lg549
4# LauraMcC
5# magijoh1
6# briarwoodrose
7# paper aeroplane
8# martin cube
9# strum
10# Dr Gas

Results from HQ for February 2014

Greetings my human friends!

There's been ferocious fighting and some nifty footwork afoot. This monthly war is hotting up and my telescope has been whizzing across both battlefields ... marvelling at the bravery and patriotism of both armies fighters .. awestruck and humbled ... struck dumb with admiration at human tenacity and sheer cleverness.
Did I need to shake the mothballs and cobwebs out of the Stars & Stripes? Read the stats from HQ .. and see how it all panned out.

The Challenge
The USA fielded 30 magnificent players who won 7082 points = 47.5%
The UK & Co fielded a smaller army of 20 elite crack troopers, nabbing 7845 pts = 52.5%
Hah! Another show of UK & Co dominance on the Challenge battlefield! But .. is the great edifice toppling? Are the unconquerable and victorious UK & Co starting to show a chink in their armour? Last month the UK won this skirmish by 58.8% to my American buddies 41.2%. With so many fine American troopers enlisting the gap is narrowing. Take care UK ... an angry and determined American is a dangerous American. My Pengy radar tells me there are tough times ahead.

So, with the UK woadwearers marginally in the lead how did the fisticuffs on the Survivor manage to swing February's war?
The Survivor
The USA fielded 20 warriors who hotfooted across the battlefield and won 4783 points = 49.3%
Wow! I felt the earth shake then from my bomb shelter as a collective groan rolled across the Atlantic. Or it could have been a sigh of relief from the other opposite coastline.
The UK hit squad of 19 nabbed a winning 4911 pts = 50.7%!

Of course, as a pacifist penguin I find this intriguing ... and deadly exciting in a kind of fatal adrenalin rush kind of way.
The final result for February's War.
The UK & Co = 51.6% of the spoils of war.
The USA = 48.4% ....  of the crumbs.

So what does this mean? Well ... the USA lost .. but is the reign of UK supremacy slowly but inexorably coming to an end? Last month the Old Empire won by a margin of 8% ... and now it's been whittled down to a measly 3.2%. At this rate can we expect to see a USA victory in March or April?  I for one would be proud to hoist the Stars & Stripes .. it's been folded in mothballs for an awful long time and needs a good airing.
Which reminds me ... whilst spanning with my telescope I spotted miffy42 dart onto the battlefield, join in the fray ... and dart off again. Miffy you can not go AWOL .. it's not allowed, not when your country needs you... is clearly to go to need all its brave warriors fully kitted out in combat fatigues and wading into the fray ....  and it will do soon, if not imminently  ... for my telescope also spotted Clamking is back. He wriggled under the radar and has re-enlisted. The UK's finest General jules44 is valiantly leading the troops but has had her throne nicked by RJ (and he won't give it back).... and with so many top USA fighters joining the ranks they are becoming a force to be reckoned with.

And now .. the battlelines have been drawn once again ... everyone shrug into your flak jacket, arm yourselves, grit your teeth, clench your scrolling mouse and get into them trenches. This is WAR!
I think you're all wonderful  by the way ... and thanks to you all for making this such a fun, good-spirited and friendly fight.

New Invincibles February 2014

Valid until 1st April 2014

USA Invincibles
Fear Them For They Are Great!
1# rj
2# suep
3# j2cp2
4# johnsnow
5# TimBentley
6# DomiNeyTor
7# cubswin2323
8# themonarch
9# tikal700
10# TriviaFan22

UK & Co Invincibles
Fear Them Too For They Are Also Great!
1# jules44
2# morelli
3# lg549
4# briarwoodrose
5# strum
6# LauraMcC
7# magijoh1
8# Little_Heaven
9# paper_aeroplane
10# martin_cube

Results from HQ January 2014

Greetings again my human friends.

Wow ... yesterday was nail biting stuff. After spotting how close the scrap was between RJ and jules44 this pengy was warily peeking in every 5 minutes to see if either had braved the trenches ..shrugged into their flak jackets and run the gauntlet on the Challenge quiz. ... both fighting like true Generals to lead their armies to victory! Has the world ever seen two such wondrous Generals? This pengy thinks not. This pengy is mute with awe and cheers them both.
But only one top General can take the throne ... and with a hard fought win of only 6 points RJ  finally claimed the Challenge throne ... but how did the USA army fare? Did they smash the UK & Co army into the ground. We're seeing some ferociously valiant new American troopers arriving and wading into the fray ... but ... are they good enough to swing things their way? Clever enough? And can they whip their  mice to scroll and run fast enough?

The Challenge
The USA army ... vastly beefed up with frightening new tough players fielded 31 players and grabbed 8,277 points = 41.2%
The UK & Co immovable champs fielded only 17 warriors (have some deserted?) ... and yet these war veterans still amassed 11,811 pts = 58.8%

My American buddies you will have to set more snipers, land mines and pull more frightening faces to beat the UK into quivering submission.
The UK & Co won the January Challenge by a convincing ... well let's just say a massive margin!

On to the Survivor Battle...
Where, this tactful impartial referee has to say with a sanguine diplomatic air ... our American army usually get trounced. Yes ... trounced.
But not this month!
The USA fielded 18 valiant troops and snatched 5024 pts = 50.08%
The UK & Co fielded 17 brave troops and bagged 5006 pts = 49.92%

My abacus is smouldering and smoking as this wafer thin close margin was worthy of checking again ... and again! Wars are fought and hinge on these 0.000000's of a percent you know!
The USA won the January Survivor battle by .. a pengy's whisker! ...or 0.16%.
That is close! Too small to slide a herring bone between the victors and losers.
Well done my American buddies! I knew you could do it! And now the UK will sit up, take notice .. and may be afraid ... very afraid. But with the Challenge battle won by the UK & Co ... and the Survivor battle won by the great USA who finally won the January War?

Two battles = One War
The USA = 46%
The UK & Co = 54% ..... the Victors!

Oh that is so close! And very well fought might I say. But once again the UK & Co win ... and refuse to lie down and be beaten. The world's leading and most powerful army of quizzers still reign as world conquerors. Was that a bit OTT? Does it inflame patriotism? Not politically correct?
Does this penguin care? Of course it does .. I believe in Human Rights too but all is fair in love and war on the battlefields. .... and the enjoyable tasty nibbles to be grabbed on the smorgasbord are free. All performance enhancing food provided by Qmel and martin cube and whoever likes to donate.

Speaking of which  ... as I munch upon falafel and weiner winks I'd like to thank MarchHare007 for thinking of air freshener ... and there was me thinking the toxic clouds shrouding the Survivor battlefield were some new fangled chemical warfare or grenades ... and not beans gas emissions.

And finally ... two more pithy remarks.
First ... welcome to both Little Heaven and themonarch who have just enlisted. Enjoy the fight. And well done for both making your mark so soon.

And last ... speaking of tactics .. and a military mind at it's finest methinks my American buddies might not have won this months battle but have cracked the Rules of Engagement.  Tip: The whole war can be lost or won on the Survivor battlefield.
Take care my UK friends .... I think the Bald Eagle has come out of hibernation.
And now I shall saunter over to the Challenge bunker humming 'Owner of a lonely heart' ... one of my faves I've always liked that human tune.
And what a worthy battle cry!

New Invincibles January 2014

Valid until 1st March 2014

USA Invincibles
Fear them For They Are Great!
1# RJ
2# j2cp2
3# Suep
4# tikal700
5# DomiNeyTor
6# themonarch
7# johnsnow
8# LostHighway
9# Qmel
10# TriviaFan22

The UK & Co Invincibles
Fear Them Too For They Are Also Great!
1# jules44
2# morelli
3# LauraMcC
4# Strum
5# lg549
6# briarwoodrose
7# magijoh1
8# paper aeroplane
9# Little Heaven
10# martin cube

Results from HQ for December 2013

Happy New Year and a Prosperous 2014 my human friends!

There might have being fraternising in the trenches ... and Dancing With Beagles by the Smorgasbord (sounds like a good name for a film to me) and none of this frivolity is a court martial offence ... but .. the pacifist Pengy with the sharp radar-like eyes, aided by binoculars , has spotted strange, intriguing new activity on the battlefields.
Yes .. I speak of newly enlisted troops storming in and flying the Stars & Stripes. A host of courageous warriors  ... and I am sorely tempted to scream 'Here comes the US cavalry!'
Instead I shall scream UK get your snipers at the ready! And be afraid ... be very afraid. Of course, for myself I am sitting with baited fishy breath and knee wobbling excitement because this is war .... and I love a good scrap!

So .. first, a quick and friendly welcome to our new players ... DomiNeyTor USA, tomwheat USA, tikal700 USA, LostHighway USA, TriviaFan22 USA, TimBentley USA, johnsnow USA, BxBarracuda USA (frightening name!) ... DireWolf74 USA, jackd USA and chip63 UK.
And a welcome back to navaho56 and cubswin2323. Hi guys!
Ah .. I can almost all the safety catches coming off the UK guns.

Is it diplomatic to remind everyone at this point that the USA army have not won a Monthly war since May 2011? Perhaps not .. but this keyboard warrior feels quite safe in their bunker.

On to the stats for the latest war. Who won? Will it be the all conquering UK & Co?

The Challenge
The USA fielded 34 terrifying troops (in November it was 25) .. and they valiantly won 7375 points = 44%
The UK & Co fielded 19 heroic champs .. and they won 9466 spoils of war = 56%.
The UK & Co Army won the December Challenge battle by 8%.

Take heart my American buddies ... dudes and dudettes ... you fought valiantly and lost by less! Yes! Take comfort in that for not only did you close the gap on November it is once again the American General  RJ sitting on the Challenge Champ throne.

Yet the Survivor battle has always been where the USA army has met it's nemesis. Scalped and trodden into the muddy trenches by the best army in the world, the UK & Co.
Well .. It was mayhem!
December saw the closest result for years!
USA = 20 fabulous and clever troops who won 4385 pts = 49.2%
UK & Co = 17 fab troops who nabbed 4525 pts = 50.8%
The UK & Co won the December Survivor battle by a measly 1.6%.
Compare that to November when the woadwearers won by 30% (yes, 30% that was not a typo).

So what does this mean? I fear ... and cheer that ...
The Americans are coming! That's what it means.
Whilst .. the fact is ...
The UK & Co won the December Battle.
USA = 46.6%
UK & Co = 53.4%
UK won by 6.8% overall. .... in November it was a massive 24%!

UK & Co are your days numbered? Did you feel a shiver run down your spine then? A premonition of impending slaughter and doom? I did.
I suspect exciting times lie ahead. I can feel a Pengy prediction coming on....
I predict the tide is turning .. I predict that the wonderful USA are storming back and are aiming to reclaim world dominion! I shall shake the moths out of the Stars & Stripes in readiness.

I for one need some comfort food so shall now jog off to the smorgasbord.
Everyone else .... back into the fray. Your country needs you now more than ever before.