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Results from HQ January 2017

Greetings humans!

This is truly nail biting stuff .....
In October the US won, breaking the long run of UK victories .. in November the UK & Co won .. December, once again saw the US fighting back and challenging the holders of world domination. Never has the fighting been so close.

So who grabbed victory in January?

The Challenge
The USA fielded 15 worthy warriors, who grabbed 7752 points = 51.2% of the spoils of war.
The UK & Co sent in 11 crack troopers, who snatched 7386 pts = 48.8% of the spoils.
That was close! A measly 2.4% margin! Less than a mere 400 points but glory went to the USA on the Challenge battlefield.

But if you think that was close ... the Survivor had me gnawing my flippers with dreadful apprehension.
One army won by  .... 1 point.
Yes! Only 1 point.
The USA fielded 9 dynamic patriots ... who won 2284 pts = 49.99%
The UK & Co fielded 12 invincible quizzers .. who won 2285 pts = 50.01%

I am humbled. I am stunned with admiration ... you're a damn clever bunch and the fighting couldn't get closer than that. Humans .. your countries are privileged to have such fearsome patriotic warriors to uphold their honour. This pengy salutes you all... and besides, it's very exciting.
A bit OTT?

Okay ..
The US won the Challenge ... the UK & Co won the Survivor ...
The January War. ( two battles = 1 war)
The USA won the January War with 50.6%
The UK & Co valiantly fought, and lost, with 49.4%

All leave is cancelled!
My UK & Co friends ... enlist your veterans ... recruit new heroes and heroines... send out the cry from the white cliffs of Dover to the shores of Land's End and every small pub in any hamlet or any local chippy on the way. The USA is offering no quarter .. after years in the wilderness of defeat they are back! They have won magnificently for the last three out of four monthly wars and soon they will believe they are unconquerable... and we can't have that.

Shrug into your flak jackets once again and get and fight for your country!

New Invincibles January 2017

Valid until 1st March 2017

The USA InvinciblesFear them for they are Great
1# TimBentley
2# suep
3# DomiNeyTor
4# themonarch
5# tikal700
6# j2cp2
7# postcards2go
8# JCSon1982
9# shadow
10# raffucci

The UK & C0 InvinciblesFear them for they too are Great
1# jules44
2# lg549
3# LauraMcC
4# Little_Heaven
5# Dr_Gas
6# pc377
7# Quiz_Beagle
8# martin_cube
9# yand
10# Upstart3

Results from HQ December 2016

And a Happy New Year to all my human friends & worthy combatants!

I hope you had a wonderful time, enjoyed your celebrations and are still fit for battle.
So how did the final war of 2016 go?
My astute friends, yes, that's you! Will remember that the UK & Co's stranglehold of unbeatable conquest was broken in October 2016 when my American buddies daringly snatched victory after years of  been hammered into the ground.
And that in November .. the UK took revenge! Mess with the UK at your own peril , that's what I always say.
But in December .......
Ah, well the fighting was ferocious ... read on ....

The Challenge
The USA fielded 15 crack troopers, won 7568 points = 52.4% of the spoils of war.
The UK & Co sent in 12 woadwearers, won 6861 pts = 47.6% of the dead and spent Christmas crackers.
Wow! Two equally matched armies, both played well but ...
The USA won the December Challenge battle by a margin of 4.8%

But could they carry this supremacy onto the muddy trenches of the Survivor battlefield?
The Survivor
The USA fielded heroes and heroines, bagged 2258 pts = 48.7%
The UK & Co fielded 12 fantastic warriors, bagged 2381 pts = 51.3%
The UK came surging back, pelting mince pies and tree baubles at the enemy  ... well, this is the Survivor where the UK are famed for been nearly always unbeatable.
The UK & Co won the December 2016 Survivor by 2.6%

One win each! Oh, this will be close!
Wait whilst I excitedly, and not without a little terrible anticipation rattle my hi-tech abacus.
Final result over both battles
The USA = 50.5%
The UK & Co = 49.5%

USA you've done it again!
The USA won the December 2016 war by a close, very close margin of 1%.

This is as close as it gets .. well, almost as close. Back in May 2009 we did actually get a draw with both armies facing off across the great watery divide in a stalemate.

Well done America!
Never again can the UK & Co rest easy in their beds at night ... never again can they be complacent and assume unchallenged dominance of the globe for the Bald Eagle is angry, is vengeful and is swooping back to rule the world.

It's amazing how a drop of shandy can make me so loquacious isn't it?
Remember, I do not condone war for I'm a pacifist .. now, everyone shrug into your flak jackets, I don't care if they're snug after all your festive over eating and indulgences .... get out there ready to fight in the trenches once again for your country needs you! Yes! You!

All leave is now cancelled.
For this is War.

New Invincibles December 2016

Valid until 1st February 2017

The USA Invincibles
Fear them for they are Great
1# suep
2# TimBentley
3# DomiNeyTor
4# j2cp2
5# tikal700
6# themonarch
7# JCSon1982
8# postcards2go
9# raffucci
10# Qmel

 The UK & C0 Invincibles
Fear them for they too are Great
1# jules44
2# lg549
3# LauraMcC
4# Little_Heaven
5# martin_cube
6# Dr_Gas
7# pc377
8# Quiz_Beagle
9# yand
10# Upstart3

Results from HQ November 2016

Hello once again to all my heroes and heroines.
Another monthly war has been fought .... the USA, reigning supreme after their victory in October had to fight off the avenging UK & Co. And who can blame them? After suffering defeat and losing their Crown they would want revenge.

But less blathering and onto the serious business of War!

The Challenge
The USA fielded 15 fantastic patriotic troopers, determined to grind the opposition into the dirt ... won 6810 points = 47.7%
The UK & Co, shamed and vengeful, sent in 11 hungry recruits ... won 7480 pts = 52.3% of the spoils of war.
The UK & Co won the November Challenge Battle.

The Survivor
The cunning USA fielded 9 crack troopers .. snatched 2169 pts = 48%
The UK & Co bagged more ... won 2346 pts = 52%

Two battles make one Monthly War
The USA = 47.9%
The UK & Co = 52.1%

The UK & Co snatched back their Crown, regained their power of supremacy ... though sadly, this means the Star & Stripes will be laundered and go back to making a very nice throw for my bed. I did miss it.

Meanwhile ... in the battle trenches, the UK & Co are celebrating and doubtless intending to trample, once again, over the vanquished! When the UK are caught napping ... they rise from the ashes quicker than NASA can launch a rocket.

Time for me to jog back to the warzone and cheer on all my favourite humans ... both armies, all tremendous and fearsome fighters.
This pengy applauds all of you!

New Invincibles November 2016

Valid until 1st January 2017

The USA Invincibles
Fear them for they are Great
1# TimBentley
2# suep
3# j2cp2
4# DomiNeyTor
5# postcards2go
6# JCSon1982
7# themonarch
8# tikal700
9# raffucci
10# Qmel

  The UK & Co Invincibles
Fear them for they too are Great
1# jules44
2# Little_Heaven
3# LauraMcC
4# lg549
5# Dr_Gas
6# pc377
7# martin_cube
8# yand
9# Quiz_Beagle
10# Upstart3

Results from HQ October 2016

Greeting my human friends.

Are you sitting comfortably? Why does this little smart tuxedo wearing penguin ask?
Read on.

The Challenge
The USA fielded 16 crack troopers who snatched 7461 points = 53.3%
The UK & Co fielded 12 fabulous woadwearers, snatched 6538 = 46.7%
The USA won the October Challenge battle ... victoriously led to a win by suep.

The Survivor
The USA sent in 9 ferocious fighters, bagged 2347 pts = 51.8% .
Some of you are already way ahead of me aren't you?
The UK & Co sent in 13 top class troopers, snatched 2185 pts = 48.2%
The USA won the October Survivor battle ....
And two battles make for one glorious Monthly War.
* Drum roll*  ...* Cheering and waving* 
Final score.
USA = 52.5%
UK & Co = 47.5%

The October war was won by the USA!
Quick, my American buddies scoop up any UK player who has fainted on the floor.
Well done! It was a long time coming. The USA have not won since April 2014 ... wow! ...  but like the true fighters they are they never surrendered. Sometimes our heroic American friends won the Challenge, but lost ground on the Survivor ... but slowly and inexorably they kept coming, undeterred, advancing, and finally, the UK embattled and under siege .... has buckled and been conquered... and can no longer be called supreme rulers of the world.
USA , this pengy raises a glass of shandy to you in a salute.
On sober reflection this victory is no surprise. Take the Challenge battle ... the top three spots held by three great American Generals. And in the Survivor, 5 of the top 6 finishing spots held by more great Americans leading their army to a much anticipated victory.

UK ... are you going to take this lying down? I think not. All leave is cancelled. Take a deep breath, gird your loins and wade back into the new fray and regain your dominance.
Whilst I ... meek and mild pengy that I am, shall shake out the Star & Stripes, throw away the mothballs and go and hoist it proudly on the Challenge for all the world to see and admire.