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A Legend Is born. Top Players 10th Tour of Duty July 2016 - June 2017

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The UK & Co Versus USA Challenge July 2016
The Top 25 Toughies

1. jules44#1 UK Challenge Champ
2. suep#1 USA
3. lg549#2 UK
4. tikal700#2 USA
5. TimBentley#3 USA
6. Little_Heaven#3 UK
7. themonarch#4 USA
8. DomiNeyTor#5 USA
9. j2cp2#6 USA
10. martin_cube#4 UK
11. postcards2go#7 USA
12. Dr_Gas#5 UK
13. pc377#6 UK
14. JCSon1982#8 USA
15. Upstart3#7 UK
16. yand#8 UK
17. LauraMcC#9 UK
18. astralspace#9 USA
19. poppop4#10 USA
20. raffucci USA
21. Quiz_Beagle UK
22. gracie USA
23. shadow USA
24. Qmel USA
25. MarchHare007 UK

The UK & Co Versus USA Survivor July 2016
1. jules44#1 UK
2. suep#1 USA
3. Maggie UK
4. TimBentley#3 USA
5. tikal700#2 USA
6. lg549#2 UK
7. martin_cube#4 UK
8. DomiNeyTor#5 USA
9. Doc#5 UK
10. Little_Heaven#3 UK

Results from HQ July 2016

Greetings patriotic warriors and human friends ...

July was the first engagement in that wonderful and wondrous thing called our Tenth Tour of Duty. Yes! The stuff of legends and sagas. The greatest cross-Atlantic battle ever fought.
At this point, this humble pacifist Pengy who incites war would like to thank you all for playing, for it is you, and you only , who have meant we are heading for a decade of strife and never ending conflict. And an especial thanks to a great many of you war vets who've donned combat jackets over the years, shrugged into your kit and dared to brave the battlefields , enlisting in a great many Tours of Duty since 2007 and staying the course.
All helped , of course, by our fearless Qmel and martin cube ... keepers and providers of the tantalizing field rations and treats made available to nibble as you slog through the muddy trenches whipping your mice into a clicking frenzy.
Enough! I could wax lyrical all day.
What of the war?
Who won in July and gets to proudly hoist their flag?

The Challenge
The USA fielded 16 great heroes and heroines, snatched 6738 points = 48.8% of the spoils of war.
The UK & Co fielded 13 woadwearers, bagged 7079 pts = 51.2% of the bigger, better spoils of war.
The UK & Co won the July Challenge.

The Survivor
The USA fielded 8 patriotic rodeo riders, won 1924 pts = 42.2%
The UK & Co sent in 13 daring fighters, grabbed 2637 pts = 57.8%
The UK & Co won the July Survivor battle.

Two battles = one monthly War.
The USA = 45.5%
The UK & Co = 54.5%

First Blood of the 10th Tour of Duty goes to the UK & Co.
Come on my American buddies you can't let the old Empire get away with that! Resist them .. fight them on the beaches, in the harbours, fight them on the windswept prairies .. and remember you can beat them! You've done it before.

Everyone shrug into your flak jackets and jog along to the battlefields ... I , the pacifist one, have the aqua vitae and a massive supply of bandages and splints at the ready.

New Invincibles July 2016

Valid until 1st September 2016The USA Invincibles
Fear them for they are Great
1# suep
2# tikal700
3# TimBentley
4# themonarch
5# DomiNeyTor
6# j2cp2
7# postcards2go
8# JCSon1982
9# astralspace
10# poppop4

The UK & C0 Invincibles
Fear them for they too are Great
1# jules44
2# lg549
3# Little_Heaven
4# martin_cube
5# Dr_Gas
6# pc377
7# Upstart3
8# yand
9# LauraMcC

10# Quiz Beagle

New Invincibles June 2016

Valid until 1st August

The USA Invincibles
Fear them for they are Great
1# Suep
2# TimBentley
3# j2cp2
4# tikal700
5# DomiNeyTor
6# themonarch
7# postcards2go
8# JCSon1982
9# poppop4
10# raffucci

 The UK & C0 Invincibles
Fear them for they too are Great
1# jules44
2# lg549
3# Upstart3
4# Little Heaven
5# LauraMcC
6# martin cube
7# Dr Gas
8# pc377
9# Quiz Beagle
10# yand

Results from HQ June 2016

Well, my human friends  we have come to the last war of the 9th Tour of Duty.
No one can say this is not a long war fought by dedicated, patriotic fighters!
I salute you my human friends.

So what happened in June? Who were the victors?

The Challenge
The USA fielded 16 magnificent heroes & heroines, who snatched 6997 pts = 50.2% of the spoils of war.
The UK & Co fielded 13 (unlucky for some) fabulous warriors, grabbed 6946 pts = 49.8%
Wow.. that was close. A nose! A hairsbreadth! The width of a feathered arrow! Congratulations to my American buddies. You snatched victory!
The USA won the Challenge battle by 0.4%.

The Survivor
The USA sent in 8 human missiles, grabbed 1848 pts = 39.8%
The UK & Co sent in 13 (not unlucky for some) bigger, better, faster human missiles, won 2792 pts = 60.2%
A moments silence and empathic regret ... whilst we all sombrely contemplate the havoc and slaughter. USA, my beaten up friends, you were thrashed on that one.
The UK & Co won the June Survivor battle by ..... a lot.

Two battles = one monthly war.
The UK & Co = 55%
The USA = 45%

A smashing victory to the woadwearers ... yet, a noble defeat for the USA who managed to break the stranglehold of UK supremacy by winning the Challenge but it was not enough ... and sadly met their nemesis on the Survivor.
Take heart!
The 10th Tour of Duty is set to begin.
And I'm honoured, pleased and rather chuffed to brag that some of you have fought in all of them. Thank you.
Don your flak jackets, gird your loins and bravely wade into the fray again for world domination is not written in stone until one side surrenders.
And me? As a practising pacifist I don't wear combat gear, just a rather snappy tuxedo. I shall amble over to the smorgasbord and partake of the mouthwatering goodies on offer, with my medical bag of bandages and splints tightly gripped in my flipper.

See you there my friends .... I shall cheer you on!

Results from HQ May 2016

Greetings absent human friends.
Well .. not absent anymore now the glitch has been fixed.
There is a human saying that things come in threes.
So true! The human race is very wise.
First , my broadband went down on my remote ice floe HQ headquarters. My router was accordingly given an honourable burial .. and my new ally is called Fibre Optic. Isn't it quick!
Next, my flags got filched.
Finally .. it was time to fix the third glitch. My access to my Admin panel.
and now, after all that I had a little down and a glass of shandy .. before scampering back to the two battles to see how my heroic warriors and fabulous patriotic quizzers were doing in their eternal war of attrition for global supremacy.

As we all know ... the April war was never won, or lost, come to that. We will never know. Spooky that, isn't it.
But ..... war resumes.

The May Challenge.
The USA fielded 16 storm troopers who nabbed 7387 points = 47.2% of the spoils of war.
The UK & Co fielded 11 wondrous heroes who snatched 8277 pts = 52.8% of the bigger, better spoils of war.
The UK & Co won  the May Challenge by a convincing 5.6%
Hip hip hooray to the UK (I'm waving my flippers here)

The Survivor
The USA sent in 8 braves, won 1947 enemy scalps = 43.2%
The UK & Co woadwearers, won 2565 trophies of war = 56.8%
The UK & Co won the May Survivor by a cracking 13.6%

But the two battles make for one ferociously fought war.
Final Result .. for May
The USA = 45.2%
The UK & Co =54.8%

Victory to the UK & Co .... again!
Time to run the victor's flag up the pole ... time to commiserate with the non-victor's who will never ever surrender!
And hey .. I've missed you. It's nice to be back.

New Invincibles May 2016

Valid until 1st July 2016

The USA Invincibles
Fear them for they are Great
1# TimBentley
2# Suep
3# j2cp2
4# themonarch
5# DomiNeyTor
6# tikal700
7# postcards2go
8# JCSon1982
9# poppop4
10# raffucci

 The UK & C0 Invincibles
Fear them for they too are Great
1# jules44
2# LauraMcC
3# lg549
4# Little Heaven
5# martin cube
6# Dr Gas
7# Upstart3
8# yand
9# Quiz Beagle
10# MarchHare007