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Results from HQ August 2017

Greetings humans ... it's your garrulous pengy referee once again.

The monthly war is getting close .... two fabulous armies battling it out with neither side willing to surrender.

So how went August?
The Challenge
The USA sent in 15 crack troopers, snatched 7940 points = 51.9% of the spoils of war.
The UK & Co fielded 10 human dynamos , bagged 7365 pts = 48.1% of the goodies.
The USA won the August Challenge battle! But it was close. Closer than last month ... the UK & Co are ferociously fighting back!
Do my American buddies have enough of a lead?

The Survivor
The USA won 1968 pts = 50.05%
The UK & Co won 1964 pts = 49.95%
Wow! This required a hi-tech kick of my abacus for fine tuned precision. Only 4 points between both armies, a mere sliver of a penguins oily flipper! I don't think the Survivor has ever been so nailbitingly close.
I feel for you UK ... I really do .... so close and yet ... denied victory by 4 measly points.
The USA won the August Survivor.... just.

Two battles make one war.
The USA = 51%
The UK & Co = 49%

Congratulations to the USA for another fine win ... but ... be careful, for the woadwearers are regrouping, girding their loins and sharpening their quizzing skills and scrolling wheels .... as last month, in July, our American friends win was a whopping 9% , now whittled down to a mere 2%.
Brave American warriors, for you are indeed brave and awesome, you are been reeled in for the kill. Did you tremble then? Can you hear their footfalls coming? Storming through the trenches , chasing on your heels, hungry for victory.

Everyone pile into the trenches and let battle commence!

New Invincibles August 2017

Valid until 1st October 2017

The USA Invincibles
Fear them for they are Great
1# suep
2# DomiNeyTor
3# TimBentley
4# j2cp2
5# tikal700
6# themonarch
7# postcards2go
8# raffucci
9# argentum
10# shadow

The UK & C0 Invincibles
Fear them for they too are Great
1# jules44
2# Little_Heaven
3# lg549
4# LauraMcC
5# Dr_Gas
6# pc377
7# Quiz_Beagle
8# yand
9# MarchHare007
10# satguru

A Legend Is Born. 11th Tour of Duty Top Players July 2017 - June 2018

The Individual Hall of Flame
Every Month
The Top Players From Both Battles
Will Be Entered Into The Hall of Flame
Forever Ad Infinitum
The UK & Co Versus USA Challenge July 2017
The Top 25 Toughies

1. jules44#1 UK Challenge Champ 
2. TimBentley#1 USA
3. suep#2 USA
4. DomiNeyTor#3 USA
5. tikal700#4 USA
6. j2cp2#5 USA
7. LauraMcC#2 UK
8. Little_Heaven#3 UK
9. themonarch#6 USA
10. pc377#4 UK
11. lg549#5 UK
12. Dr_Gas#6 UK
13. postcards2go#7 USA
14. shadow#8 USA
15. yand#7 UK
16. raffucci#9 USA
17. poppop4#10 USA
18. argentum USA
19. astralspace USA
20. shadowzep USA
21. Quiz_Beagle#8 UK
22. Qmel USA
23. MarchHare007#9 UK
24. gracie USA
25. miffy42 #10 UK

The UK & Co Versus USA Survivor July 2017
1. TimBentley#1 USA
2. DomiNeyTor#3 USA
3. jules44#1 UK
4. suep#2 USA
5. Maggie UK
6. tikal700#4 USA
7. postcards2go#7 USA
8. lg549#5 UK
9. j2cp2#5 USA
10. themonarch#6 USA

Results from HQ July 2017

Greetings again staunch patriots and wondrous quizzers!

July was the first engagement  in the 11th Tour of Duty of the renowned and infamous, long running and never ending cross-Atlantic tussle between the two greatest nations on the planet.

Yes, I mean you, so sit up straight my human friends. And be Proud!
After months (dare I say, years) of domination from the great UK horde my American buddies, who, let's face it,  don't know the meaning of surrender, had made a terrific comeback and were stamping their superiority on the battlefield since January. That is ... until June, when the UK & Co rose from the ashes and swiped victory.
Is this the beginning of a UK fight back?
A return to UK dominance and global rule?

We shall see ... there are no second places in this war ... only losers!

The Challenge
The USA fielded 15 awesome troopers who grabbed 7954 points = 56.7% of the spoils of War.
Wow! I bet you're way ahead of me ...
The  UK & Co fielded 12 determined woadwearers, who bagged 6063 pts = 43.3% of the crumbs. What a brave, but failed resistance.
Yes . The USA won the July Challenge battle , and if I may humbly say so, even as I tremble in awe of their might  .. in a magnificent way.

Come one UK!  Pengy loves an underdog so I'm cheering for you here as I rattle my hi-tech abacus to see if you managed to avert disaster and do something truly spectacular on the Survivor battle.

The Survivor
The USA sent in 9 bionic wonders of human engineering, snatched 2011 pts = 52.2% of the spoils.
The UK & Co enlisted 11 fabulous fighters, bagged 1843 pts = 47.8%

A big groan just rolled across the Atlantic .. did you hear it? It registered on the Richter Scale. The Earth trembled.

The July War result.
The USA = 54.4%
The UK & Co = 45.6%

Someone hand me a tissue (one monogrammed with the Queen's Royal Arms) ... quick. This is dire stuff. The wonderful USA are running amok, stamping on those who stand in their way. You have to hand it to them .. what a fantastic win by fantastic players. So UK & Co .. what are you to do?
There will be wailing outside the railings of Buckingham Palace ... but remember .. 'We will fight them on the beaches'.... or, as it not commonly known but also ascribed to that wondrous statesman .. "And we’ll fight them with the butt ends of broken beer bottles because that's bloody well all we've got".

But ... as this pacifist Pengy doesn't condone either violence or alcoholism... just virtual internet wars ... I say, less violence, more love!

Until we can attain that high noble humanitarian aim I advise the UK to get enlisting, to get busy nibbling the performance enhancing treats  kindly provided by Quiz Beagle (or pinch what Qmel is giving our USA friends)... and wade bravely into the trenches.
Remember .. you are not alone. Your versatile, multi-talented referee is also your sympathetic medic well fortified with splints, bandages and aqua vitae.

New Invincibles July 2017

Valid until 1st September 2017

The USA Invincibles
Fear them for they are Great
1# TimBentley
2# suep
3# DomiNeyTor
4# tikal700
5# j2cp2
6# themonarch
7# postcards2go
8# shadow
9# raffucci
10# poppop4

The UK & C0 Invincibles
Fear them for they too are Great
1# jules44
2# LauraMcC
3# Little_Heaven
4# pc377
5# lg549
6# Dr_Gas
7# yand
8# Quiz_Beagle
9# MarchHare007
10# miffy42

10th Anniversary Blog - 2007 to 2017

Yes ... truly a noble achievement, where this Pengy now celebrates one of the longest wars known to humankind, aided and abetted by one pacifist referee, that's moi.

Stand proud my patriotic human warriors whilst you are awarded a virtual medal. For long service, for acts of heroism and selfless valour and knowledgeable fast scrolling fingers for you are part of the epic saga known as .... The UK & Co Versus The USA Trivia War.
You are immortalised.
Proud fighters for your country.

After 10 Tours of Duty ... we have had 636 fine warriors engage in battle and run fighting through the Challenge trenches. We have had 174 top troopers engage in war on the Survivor quiz. Some have fallen, doubtless injured and worn out by long service. Some have gone AWOL ... traumatised or retired, distinguished and accorded this humble penguin's unstinted respect and admiration .. but for you who read this you are still fighting the eternal fight.

Our very first Challenge Champ back in 2007 was magijoh1 for the UK.
A fine warrior.
But there were many illustrious names, some of whom are still here .. such as jules44 UK, midgetmark UK, mos623 USA and WorldB USA who were possibly the first and most feared top American Generals to join the fray. BB1 USA was yet another and had the distinction of been our very first Survivor Champ.
Our very first Mogul Champ was miffy42 UK ... Who I see has recently come out of retirement to aid the UK cause! And our first Titanasaurus Rex: Titan Quiz champ was Qmel of the USA. For we had 4 monthly battles once when the fighting was at it's fiercest. We are more peaceable now ... right? In your dreams.
Yet .. only two have ever won all the title of .. Challenge Champ, Titanasaurus Rex Champ, Mogul Maximus Champ and Survivor Champ ... everyone please raise a glass of shandy (or something stronger) to both jules44 and miffy42 of the UK.
Fabulous players and warriors indeed.

There have been 10 tours of duty = 118 monthly wars. One was a tie! One was void due to a technical hint. Technology huh!
Of these fantastic and exciting wars the USA have won a total of 30 and the UK & Co a staggering 88.
Yes, my American buddies suffered in the wilderness for a few years but recently they have courageously stormed back to stamp their mark on the world .. which rather goes to show that patriotism does not die!

And last but not least .. our famed  providers of tasty nibbles and imaginative treats on the Survivor smorgasbord.
Never underestimate the performance enhancing qualities of virtual food, such as marmite on toast and Irn Bru or Chicken wrap and Crown Royal.
A big cheer to Qmel USA who kindly took over from catbrat63 ... and to Martin Cube and Quiz Beagle UK for keeping us all well fed, the banter alive, and making the quiz a friendly place to be.
I really do believe this is why the quizzes have reached their 10th anniversary. Friendliness and good sportsmanship ... and a burning desire to fight for your country.

This Pengy salutes you all. Thank you.

If you're interested in seeing and paying homage to all our epic monthly champs since 2007

Or peep in the Hall of Flame Flag Parade ... where the victors are recorded for eternity.

And now ... the next, new 11th Tour of Duty shall begin!
Shrug into your flak jackets ... throw your shoulders back, grab a treat from the smorgasbord and let battle commence!
I shall sip some Irn Bru.

Results from HQ June 2017

Hello again wondrous warriors, humans .. fellow earth dwellers.

The last war, June's War, was a special war.
It was the monthly war which completed the 10th Tour of Duty. Ten years of feisty fighting between two determined proud nations ... 

So how did it go in June? And who claimed victory?

The Challenge
The USA fielded 16 patriotic troopers who grabbed 6444 points = 48.7% of the crumbs of war.
The UK & Co fielded 12 heroic woad-wearers, who snatched 6795 pts = 51.3% of the bigger, better spoils of war.
And grabbed victory on the Challenge battlefield!
Well done UK & Co!
This is the first UK win on the Challenge battlefield this year!

The Survivor
The USA fielded 8 warriors ... bagged 2052 pts = 47.3%
The UK & Co sent in 12 ferocious fighters .. won 2289 pts = 52.7%

Two battles make one monthly war:
USA = 48%
UK & Co = 52%

Congratulations my UK friends! Celebrate! Everyone off to the chippy or the nearest takeaway tonight for a celebratory feast. Or for the truly noble in victory ... a KFC or MacDonald's. God Save the Queen and all who float on that independent island West of the EU.

Well my American buddies was bound to happen so I shall try to sound duly sombre. You've won 6 of the last 8 wars but the UK was never ever going to surrender or be subjugated.
They're fighting back! But you knew that ...right? That you'd be toppled by one of the greatest armies in the world.
But boy, this pacifist penguin is just loving the scrap. Not that I condone violence or war of any sort of course, but I adore brave humans with fighting spirit!
To show my appreciation I shall scurry back to the trenches to patrol the bunkers with my newly replenished bag of splints, bandages and aqua vitae and quirky words of comfort to the wounded... and some nibbles from the Survivor smorgasbord.

You know .. it strikes me and I'm thinking 10 years is a wonderful achievement ..  not in terms of world peace, obviously, ... that ...
I shall write another blog! Yes, I flex my flippers, sip from my glass of shandy and ...... cast my mind back to when war broke out ...