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Results from HQ for July 2014

Greetings my human friends ..

Once again the ground shook as battle raged in the trenches.
Once again two armies fought for supremacy and this penguin scuttled amongst the wounded dispensing bandages and splints and pilfering tasty morsels from the smorgasbord.

So how did it go? I have the stats gripped in my flipper and this is what they say ...
The Challenge
The USA fielded 23 magnificent patriots, nabbed 8024 points = 51.8% of the spoils of war.
The UK & Co fielded 22 fabulous fighters who snatched 7486 points = 48.2%
The USA won the July Challenge! Well done my American buddies!

But this monthly war is fought over two battles ... and there is nothing fiercer and toughier than the Survivor.
Will the USA's lead be enough?

The Survivor
The USA fielded 14 troopers who sprinted through the trenches and snatched 3610 points = 46%.
The UK & Co sent in 21 supercharged hotfooted quizzers who won 4229 = 54%
The UK & Co won the July Survivor battle.

Please ... sit up straight and hold your breath in anticipation whilst I frantically and excitedly rattle my abacus! Isn't this fun!

The Final result .. both battles combined.
The USA = 48.9%
The UK & Co = 51.1%

The UK & Co won the July War .... but by a marginal 2.2% That was close!
Come on you smorgasbord chiefs ...martin cube and Qmel what are you spiking the nibbles with? It's working! Share your secret!
It's baked beans today so I'm betting the USA will rocket off to a flying start.
Let War Commence!

New Invincibles July 2014

Valid until 1st September 2014

USA Invincibles
Fear them for they are Great!
1# Suep
2# TimBentley
3# j2cp2
4# themonarch
5# tikal700
6# poppop4
7# mdurnanj
8# postcards2go
9# cubswin2323
10# DomiNeyTor

UK & Co Invincibles
1# jules44
2# morelli
3# lg549
4# magijoh1
5# LauraMcC
6# martin cube
7# Little Heaven
8# pc377
9# Quiz Beagle
10# briarwoodrose

Results from HQ June for 2014

Greetings my friends ...

So how did the June war go? And who was victorious and paraded their flag with patriotic pride?
Read on ..
The Challenge
The USA fielded 26 staunch troopers, nabbed 7148 points = 44.9% of the spoils of war.
The UK & Co fielded 17 brave warriors who grabbed 8800 points = 55.1% of the glory.
It was a brave, wondrous and ferocious fight .... but ..
The valiant UK won the June Challenge battle.

The Survivor
The USA sent 19 players into the fray who snatched 3448 points = 44.3%
The UK sent 15 feisty patriots who won 4337 points = 55.7%.
The UK won the June Survivor battle .. and I can still see the flames flickering in the cindered trenches from the passing footfalls of the UK's storm troopers. Yes .. I know, but I do like to wax loquacious and lyrical now and then for as we all know .. this is not a serious war .. but just a friendly exchange of fire.
And the two battles make for one deadly War!
The combined results.
USA = 44.6%
UK & Co = 55.4%

Congratulations UK for a resounding win .. and someone pass on the news of this glorious victory to the English footie team in Brazil .. or now on their way home, or even back home, as we speak. It will cheer them.
Oh .. and get those jungle drums drumming or smoke signals smoking .. and send word to RJ. His country needs him. He's gone AWOL... and Pengy loves a fighter... and besides my American buddies are standing shoulder to shoulder, courageously trying to repel invaders ...  slogging it out in the trenches and  ... I must stop .. as all this is bringing a tear to my fishy eye.

I shall now train my telescope with a hopeful beady eye on the best war on the web. The smorgasbord actually. With the best nibbly high nutrient combat food  ... I'll have a Cornish Pasty thanks martin cube and a Belgian waffle, Qmel.

And last but not least ... my fantastic human friends I applaud you.
We have just completed the final month of the 7th Tour of Duty .. and I would like to thank players who are new and fresh into the fray and also give a big fishy thank you to all our vets who enlisted many years ago and have helped make this the fun war that it is... quiz .. I meant fun quiz, for we are all pacifists and meek and peaceful by nature are we not?

Shrug into your combat fatigues for July is the start of the 8th Tour of Duty.

New Invincibles June 2014

Valid until 1st August 2014

USA Invincibles
Fear them for they are Great!
1# suep
2# TimBentley
3# DomiNeyTor
4# mdurnanj
5# j2cp2
6# tikal700
7# the monarch
8# postcards2go
9# TriviaFan22
10# poppop4

UK & Co Invincibles
Fear them for they are also Great!
1# jules44
2# morelli
3# magijoh1
4# lg549
5# LauraMcC
6# briarwoodrose
7# Little Heaven
8# martin cube
9# pc377
10# MarchHare007

Results from HQ for May 2014

After my American buddies magnificent win in April our latest war had me lying awake at night, reduced to insomnia ... wondering excitedly about the mayhem in the trenches.
What magnificent warriors you all are, I applaud you, and once again the battle has being ferociously .. and closely fought.

On to the battle stats. 
The Challenge
The USA army fielded 28 magnificent troopers who won 7731 points = 49.7%
The UK & Co army fielded 18 super troopers who nabbed 7817 points = 50.3%
Wow! that is close .. a measly 0.6% win by the woadwearers. The smaller army, true, but fleeter of foot, sharper at scrolling and faster with clicking finger ... in short, better and more deadly.
But was such a measly lead enough to bring victory after the usual mayhem of the Survivor battle, which as we all know is tough and not for the faint-hearted? It's true, there are some who enlist and flee the battlefield.

The Survivor
The USA sent 18 crack troops into the muddy trenches ,who bagged 3950 points = 49.8%
The UK & Co sent in an equal army, of 18, who nabbed 3982 points = 50.2%.
A double wow! The UK & Co won the Survivor by a margin of 0.4%!

Come on now, own up Qmel ... are you popping performance enhancing additives into the smorgasbord treats? Or should I say .. martin cube ... are yours more effective?
The two battles make one war. Combined stats are:
USA = 49.75%
UK & Co = 50.25%
The UK & Co won the May War by 0.5%

Half a percent is a win. But a feathers width win .. and I can't remember when it has ever being that close and could so easily have gone the other way. But it is with a heavy heart, and a cheeky wicked grin, that I carefully fold the Stars and Stripes and pack it away then jog over to the Challenge with the Union Jack and hoist it to fly once again .... in honour and recognition of the best army in the world.

New Invincibles May 2014

Valid until 1st July 2014

USA Invincibles
Fear them for they are Great!
1# RJ
2# suep
3# TimBentley
4# j2cp2
5# DomiNeyTor
6# themonarch
7# mdurnanj
8# tikal700
9# postcards2go
10# cubswin2323

UK & Co Invincibles
Fear them for they are also Great!
1# jules44
2# morelli
3# magijoh1
4# briarwoodrose
5# LauraMcC
6# Little Heaven
7# Dr Gas
8# lg549
9# pc377
10# martin cube

Results from HQ for April 2014

Hello once again .. my human friends
Are we sitting comfortably?

The fighting has been ferocious ...
Yesterday I ironed the Union Jack and the Star & Stripes, as I do unfailingly each month .. but which one will get to fly proudly on the Challenge battlefield? And which one sadly got folded and put away in a dark cupboard.

The Challenge
It was close! You take a deep breath and I shall cram my flippers in my mouth to stop myself spilling the beans and ruining the sadistic suspense!
The USA army fielded 28 magnificent troopers who nabbed 7793 points.
The UK & Co fielded 19 fantastic troops who nabbed 7809 points.
Yes! The abacus had to be fine tuned into splitting percentages ...
The USA = 49.95% of the spoils of War. That's impressive.
The UK & Co = 50.05% of the bigger crumbs   ... so .. still ... nevertheless ...
The UK & Co Army won the April Challenge Battle by 0.1%!
Yes.. I know that's small .. so I'll make it bigger. 0.1%

Whew .. how close was that! The Old British empire won by the skin of their teeth .. and I can see the smouldering footprints still smoking in the trenches.
But is a 0.1% lead enough? My tummy just fluttered then .. did yours?
Isn't this fabulous!
Now the stats from the ...
The USA sent out 18 worthy heroes (and heroines) into the fray and snatched 4511 of the points.
The UK & Co fielded 19 and won 4450 of the goodies.
This is fun.
USA = 50.34%
UK & Co = 49.66%

Stop the mental arithmetic now. You'll never do it. Well, you might if you're cleverer than me, which is a strong possibility. My little heart is hammering. There is a sadistic streak urging me to abandon this post  .. and come back tomorrow with the final result.
But no.
One army has won by less than a nose. I tried to slide a feather between you .. no good. So I slid a sharp bayonet between you ...

Two Battles make for one monthly War.
The final result.
USA =  50.145%
UK & Co = 49.855%
or ... according to a little LED readout I'm looking at ... a win by 0.29%.

My wonderful human friends we have an American Victory!
And well won! And worthy of a gun salute.
And there goes my Star & Stripes bed throw .. now destined to fly proudly over the battlefields . .. after one or two moths have flown out.

Right UK & Co .. what I want to know now is are you going to let them get away with this.