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Results from HQ for December 2014

Greetings and .....
A Happy New Year & Prosperous 2015 my human warrior friends!

How did the last battle of 2014 turn out?

The Challenge
The USA fielded 21 fabulous fighters, nabbed 7918 pts = 44% of the spoils of war.
The UK & Co fielded 14 heroic fighters, nabbed 1,0004 pts = 56% of the glory
The UK & Co won the December Challenge battle ... valiantly led to victory by their General jules44 .. and our courageous American army was led by General TimBentley.

The Survivor
The USA sent 12 patriotic warriors into the fray, won 3006 pts = 46%
The UK & Co sent 15 diehards into battle, won 3662 pts = 54%

Two battles make one war!
December 2014 results
USA = 45%
UK & Co = 55%

Once again the mighty UK & Co claimed victory.... and I see the smorgasbord is well heaped with .. hangover cures???

New Invincibles December 2014

Valid until 1st February 2015

USA Invincibles
Fear them for they are Great!
1# TimBentley
2# suep
3# j2cp2
4# themonarch
5# JCSon1982
6# DomiNeyTor
7# tikal700
8# mdurnanj
9# cubswin2323
10# raffucci

UK & Co Invincibles
Fear them too for they are also Great!
1# jules44
2# morelli
3# LauraMcC
4# magijoh1
5# lg549
6# Little_Heaven
7# pc377
8# Dr_Gas
9# martin_cube
10# MarchHare007

Results from HQ for November 2014

Greetings humans!
First let me say ... I know it's Cyber Monday but all leave is cancelled. Disallowed. A cardinal sin. Categorically denied ... for we have a war to fight. The war of all wars between the greatest nations on the planet.

So my heroes and heroines .... who grabbed victory in November and pummelled the enemy into the mud?

The Challenge
The USA fielded 23 snappy fighters, grabbed 7070 points = 43%
The UK & Co fielded 14 supercharged feisty troopers, bagged 9445 pts = 57%.
Wow! Well done you patriots of the Old British Empire! To my American buddies what can I say? Heroic fighters. Brave and courageous .. who will never surrender. But. You have to hand it to the woadwearers they are fearsome and they are good! Unbeatable? Hmm .. I am tempted to say, yes, to tempt Fate.

The Survivor.
The USA fielded 13 daredevils who grabbed 3273 pts = 49%
The UK & Co sent in 15 warriors who bagged 3442 = 51% of the spoils of war.
That was closely fought! And it's the toughest quiz which only the bravest dare enlist for. But the UK hit squad take no prisoners and snatched victory on the Survivor battleground by a whisker.

Two battlefronts = one war.
USA = 46%
UK & Co = 54%

The UK & Co won the November War ... and I see smoke wreathing in cloudy fogbanks over the muddy trenches. That'll be from the sparks flying from their heels as they sprinted to victory. Take heart my American fiends! Oops, forgot to pop in the R ... take heart my American friends! You almost did it on the Survivor battle ... and no one, just no one keeps the great USA down for ever.
Even now ... I see cubswin2323 is stacking the smorgasbord with Thanksgiving leftovers. Sounds very nice ... wouldn't mind some myself, finished off with some cheese and crackers.
Anyone know if any of this is performance enhancing genetically modified?

Enough of food chat. Back to the war in hand ... so this pacifist pengy can jog off to play referee.

New Invincibles November 2014

Valid until 1st January 2015

USA Invincibles
Fear them for they are Great!
1# Suep
2# TimBentley
3# j2cp2
4# themonarch
5# DomiNeyTor
6# tikal700
7# mdurnanj
8# JCSon1982
9# Qmel
10# postcards2go

UK & Co Invincibles
Fear them too for they are also Great!
1# jules44
2# lg549
3# magijoh1
4# morelli
5# LauraMcC
6# Little Heaven
7# pc377
8# Dr Gas
9# martin cube
10# yand

Results from HQ for October 2014

Greetings fellow planet dwellers, human friends and patriotic fighters!

This is your penguin referee from HQ...
Battle stats  for October's mammoth and eternal battle between two great armies is:

The Challenge
The USA fielded 22 fabulous troopers who grabbed 8415 points = 48.6%
The UK & Co fielded 15 fighters who snatched 8892 pts = 51.4%
The UK & Co won the October Challenge battle by 2.8%

But it was a good scrap ... with Suep snatching the much coveted crown of Challenge Champ. Well done Suep! This pacifist pengy applauds you!

The Survivor
The USA sent in 12 fantastic heroes and heroines who bagged 3365 points = 47.2%
The UK & Co sent in 15 unstoppable warriors who grabbed 3771 pts = 52.8%
The UK & Co won the October Survivor battle by 5.6%

But two battles make one War!
Overall battle stats for October 2014
USA = 47.9%
UK & Co = 52.1%
The UK & Co won by 4.2 %

Sadly... I reach for the tissues monogrammed with the Stars & Stripes. A quick little sniffle and a word of admiration for my courageous American buddies who will never ever surrender! And then throwing the soggy tissue aside I reach for the Union Jack, blot my beady eyes dry, shake it out and scamper over to the flagpole to hoist it to proudly fly proclaiming victory!

Calling all players ... pile into the fray for another good scrap!
Bandages and splints provided by the battlefield medic, moi! Pengy!

New Invincibles October 2014

Valid until 1st December 2014

USA Invincibles
Fear them for they are Great!
1# Suep
2# TimBentley
3# themonarch
4# j2cp2

5# DomiNeyTor
6# tikal700
7# cubswin2323
8# mdurnanj
9# postcards2go
10# poppop4

UK & Co Invincibles
Fear them for they are also Great!
1# jules44
2# morelli
3# magijoh1
4# Little Heaven
5# lg549
6# martin cube
7# LauraMcC
8# pc377
9# Dr Gas
10# Quiz Beagle

Results from HQ for September 2014

Greetings warriors! Feisty humans and courageous friends ....

Yes I know .. a bit OTT but once in a while this pacifist penguin has to shout his admiration for your great feats of mental wizardry and knowledge. Not only does a warrior have to be brave to fight this ongoing war ... it calls for phenomenal quiz skills. And I am proud! Looking in the Worldwide Statistics I see my human heroes have the highest average score.
For you are all truly Great.

But how did the eternal UK & Commonwealth Versus USA war, now on it's 8th Tour of Duty, go in September?

The Challenge
The USA fielded 23 brave troopers who snatched 6936 points = 47%.
The UK & Co sent 18 warriors into the fray and grabbed 7808 points = 53% of the spoils of war.
The UK & Co won the Challenge Battle by a margin of 6% ...with jules44 leading her army to victory ... and suep valiantly leading the USA's unsuccessful defence.
But what a fight! My American friends will never surrender and will never bend the knee no matter how many times they get pummelled flat into the war-torn trenches.

I excitedly pan my telescope around the other smoking battlefield where mighty players grapple with increasingly tough questions ... which is where I figure the truly wondrous and fearless warriors fight for their country.
The Survivor
The USA sent in 13 braves , snatched 3227 scalps to nail to their totem poles .. = 46.2%
The UK & Co sent in 18 stalwart troops who kept their hair, grabbed 3758 scalps = 53.8%
The UK & Co won the September Survivor battle by a 6.8% margin.

Two battles =  one monthly war!
The final stats from war HQ.
The USA =  46.6%
The UK & Co = 53.4%
It's  another victory for the old Empire ... yes! The old Empire Strikes Back! Sorry, I couldn't resist that. But take heart my American buddies! You might be defeated but you are never subdued into submission. I am sure your day will come ... but nevertheless, a round of applause for the UK & Commonwealth for proving they are mighty conquerors, once again.

And now on a lighter note for no one takes this war seriously ... I shall jog over to the smorgasbord where nourishing nuts and baked ziti for nibbles are on offer.  Healthy and performance enhancing food, ... I like it!

Brave warriors ... let the new war commence!